• Diamond Water Spa Care only offers weekly or every other week service.  We do not offer service less than every other week.  To ensure water quality meets our standards, service needs to be provided at least once in a 2 week period. 
  • Service more often than once per week or unscheduled service requests will incur an additional fee.
  • Diamond Water Spa Care provides necessary cleaning supplies and equipment as part of our service.
    • 1" bromine tablets and a bromine float is provided.  If a sanitizer other than bromine is requested by a customer, arrangements need to be made prior to service and chemicals may not be provided.
  • DO NOT REMOVE BROMINE FLOAT.  Additional cleaning fees may occur if float is removed and water quality will not be guaranteed.
  • Spa cover should remain closed and sealed while tub is not in use.
  • Service schedules are subject to change at any time, specifically near holidays.  Reach out to your service provider if you have questions about your schedule. 
  • Short Term Rental Properties are required to maintain weekly service unless otherwise agreed upon by your service provider.
  • All gate codes and locks need to be provided/open prior to service.  If access to the tub is not granted at the time of service you will still be charged a service fee.
  • Clarity of water is not guaranteed.  Though we do our best to make sure the water is clean and clear at every visit, factors like well water systems, heavy use of the tub and spa location may prevent water clarity.
    • For best results:
      • Customers/guests should rinse off before each use
      • Do not remove bromine float
      • Soaking should be limited to 20 minutes per session
      • Number of people using the tub at once should be limited (dependent on tub size)
  • Diamond Water Spa Care only provides water maintenance.  For any spa repair needs please call Nava Spa Repair at 707-620-0414
  • Service may be postponed up to two times per year as part of paid service.
  • Non-payment for more than 90 days will result in a discontinuation of service.  Late fees may occur.

Service Policies & Practices

Providing Quality Spa Care to Sonoma County


Through years of experience, we have compiled service policies and guidelines that ensure we can provide the highest quality spa care possible.

Please read and review our policies before singing up for service.