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Autopay Details:

  • Diamond Water Spa Care does not have access to your card information.
  • You will still receive monthly invoices for your records.
  • Please open and view monthly invoices.  Additional charges are occasionally billed (water change, filter, etc) but will not be covered by your automatic payment. 
    • To keep a card on file for any additional charges, please reach out to  A written email request will need to be sent to authorize additional charges. 
  • Please only submit once to avoid double payments.
  • If service is suspended or cancelled, autopay needs to be cancelled separately.  You can do that with the information provided in your confirmation email or you can request we cancel the payment for you.

A payment will be processed today when you submit. 

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Billing & Payments

Thank you for signing up for autopay!

All payments REQUIRE the "Name on Account" to be entered and must match the name on the file or payments may not be applied correctly.  Invoice number can also be service address for verification.

If you do not see the correct amount listed, please call our billing department: 707-888-5243


We request one-time services are paid at the time the service is completed. 

Check is preferred and can be made out to Diamond Water Spa Care.

Invoices are emailed to customers at the beginning of each month. 

Please add: to your contacts to avoid bills going to spam

Billing will reflect service for the upcoming month as well as any additional charges accrued from the previous month(s).

Payments are due by the 15th.

Please open and review each attached PDF invoice, even if you have set up autopayment.  Pay the Total Amount Due on the account (reflected in the very bottom box of the invoice).  This total will include any past due amount, additional services or added products.